Mark B. Sawyer
Embedded Systems Developer
Greater Detroit Area
Resume for Mark B. Sawyer
Career Summary

Analytical firmware engineer with extensive experience developing embedded systems including: handhelds, MP3 players, mid-sized portables (laptops & tablets), and high end consumer appliances in various industries. Major strengths in all phases of development including: product definition, architecture & specification, design & development, new hardware bring-up, hardware, firmware & application software integration and debug, final test, regulatory certification and release to production. Additional skills in embedded systems power management encompassing all levels from high level system chipset and power plane control to low level battery monitoring and charging. Enthusiastic individual who has ability to function at all levels of project and product ownership and development, and is comfortable with sole ownership of project from conception through delivery, as individual contributor or as member of larger team. Extensive programming experience in C, C++ and assembler.

Design and development of FORD SYNC Infotainment systems.

New product design and development of consumer appliances.

Owned and operated custom picture framing franchise. Responsible for all aspects of this retail operation: custom framing design and production, marketing and advertising, inventory management, customer and vendor relations, and all aspects of day to day operations.

Provided consulting services for firmware and hardware design and development of embedded systems.

Participated in development of IAN's WebPAD™ internet appliance. Wrote Embedded Controller Specification during product definition phase. Wrote embedded controller (COP8CBR9) firmware. Implemented custom battery gas-gauge support (utilizing coulomb-counting). Implemented custom boot block providing fault tolerant field upgrade capability.

Design and development of laptop and internet appliances. Wrote laptop BIOS Requirements Document and Embedded Controller Specification. Wrote keyboard/embedded controller (National PC87570) firmware based on Phoenix Multikey Keyboard Controller. Wrote Embedded Controller Specification for National's WebPAD™ internet appliance. Wrote embedded controller (COP8SGE7) firmware.

Firmware design and development of microprocessor based notebook and embedded systems. Participated in ROM BIOS development of two major OEM notebook products. Principal contributor and architect during adaptation, development and implementation of power management and System ROM BIOS firmware. Provided support to Z80 microprocessor based Power Monitor/Control System, a real-time, event driven, data acquisition and process control system designed for managing telephone office central power room resources.

Design and development of networked desktop and workstation systems encompassing all phases of design process, including initial design, development, implementation, system integration and test. Developed code for DEC's Universally Unique Identifier (UUID), Cell Directory Service (CDS) and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) products. Developed MS/DOS device driver and operating system code for DEC VAXmate (IBM/AT compatible).

Design and development of microprocessor based systems. Evaluation of ROM BIOS firmware for DEC VAXmate, an IBM/AT compatible. Ported Z8 microprocessor hardware and firmware to Hayes compatible modem providing X.25 network communications capabilities. Developed firmware for IBM/PC compatible BIOS and MS/DOS compatible "Run-Time-System" for handheld computer. Wrote application code to use this handheld as inventory calculator.

Design and development of embedded systems. Principal contributor to various operating system and product ports (GWBASIC, MS/DOS V2.11 and CP/M-80 V2.2). Wrote OEM dependent BIOS support for OEM hardware, performed initial system integration and hardware debug. Developed diagnostics for 68000-based network file server.

Microprocessor hardware and software design and development of dot matrix printers. Experience included specification, design, development and testing of embedded controllers in multiprocessor controlled printers.

Hardware and software design and development on military Fire Control Systems. As lead engineer responsibilities included task management and supervision of Associate Engineers. As design engineer, responsibilities included hardware and software design and development of embedded systems.

Processors, Languages and Technology Experience

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